About Kristianna


Hi there! I’m Kristianna, a certified health + wellness coach. I’m here to empower you to lead a healthier life and not feel chained to unhealthy habits.

Why does this matter to me? Because for the longest time, I was neglecting myself and my own needs; self-care was negotiable and everything else came first but me. This was partly because I thought taking care myself was selfish, but also because I thought I had to do it all and be everything to everyone in order to be seen as valuable in the workplace.

In the pursuit of finally making self-care non-negotiable in my own life, I took time to press pause and pay attention to what my mind, body and soul needed on a deeper level. After making the necessary changes to the way I spent my time and energy, I saw how much more I was able to give to others once my own cup was full. Eventually, I decided to get my certification as a health + wellness coach from Emory University so I could support others who might be experiencing the same challenges.

If it’s time you put “taking care of yourself” on the top of your priority list, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re battling with stress, weight gain, or lack of sleep (to name a few), together we’ll get you to a place where self-care comes first. Through a holistic approach to goal setting and in-depth action planning, we’ll create sustainable habits that you’ll want to keep.

Interested in learning more about how health coaching can support you in feeling your best? Check out my services below.