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kristianna wellness atlanta health coach

I’m Kristianna, an Emory-certified health + wellness coach who believes self-care is the cornerstone to living a healthy life. Having worked in corporate America for 10 years, I’ve experienced firsthand how not taking care of yourself can have serious negative effects on your health.

Trying to do it all and “have it all together” was a narrative that kept playing in my head - one that led me to neglect my health and push through life until I had nothing left in me, living in a constant fog. Consistently putting my peace of mind and overall health last left me more stressed with no energy.


what CLIENTS are saying

"Kristianna has helped me take the next steps into a new era of my life - one of great change and prosperity. She's helped me to discern between the things that suck my energy and the things that feed my soul so that I can start taking better care of myself. She's one of the best coaches I've ever met with because she leads with her curiosity and listens with her heart. She's the perfect combination of an encouraging friend who tells you the hard truth and a supportive cheerleader who believes in you all along the way. It's been a game-changer working with her!"


Imagine this - a life with more energy, happiness, and a feeling of total balance throughout your day. Imagine overcoming burnout and being in control of your schedule. Imagine eating foods that nourish you that you actually enjoy. Imagine feeling proud of who you are and all that you’ve accomplished.

Sounds amazing, right? Let’s get it done together.

kristianna wellness atlanta health coach

grab my ‘5 WAYS TO HAVE MORE ENERGY, NATURALLY’ guide + wellness tips today.

kristianna wellness atlanta health coach

I’m determined to give you the tools and resources you need to put yourself first and be your happiest, healthiest self. Check out my guides and resources here.