Success Stories

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Mariya B., Director of Product Marketing, Listen360

“I was so fortunate to be a part of Kristianna's Mindful Listening Workshop. Listening is one of the most important skills a person can have in the workplace, yet it's often taken for granted. Prior to the workshop, I found it very difficult to feel heard. I also didn't realize that my listening skills had so much room for improvement. During the workshop, we learned about what mindful listening is, different listening styles, and had a chance to fine tune our skills with interactive exercises. Since the session, I've noticed a major improvement in the way our team members communicate with one another. We listen with the intention of understanding rather than replying. We don't interrupt one another. We embrace moments of silence. All of these things combined, help us bond as a team and do better work, together.”


Dan B., Actor, Teacher, & Financial Advisor

"Kristianna has helped me take the next steps into a new era of my life - one of great change and prosperity. She's helped me to discern between the things that suck my energy and the things that feed my soul so that I can start taking better care of myself. She's one of the best coaches I've ever met with because she leads with her curiosity and listens with her heart. She's the perfect combination of an encouraging friend who tells you the hard truth and a supportive cheerleader who believes in you all along the way. It's been a game-changer working with her!"