my story


My days were a blur - affecting not only my work, but my sleep, workouts, and time with friends and family. I became addicted to constantly keeping myself “busy”, always saying yes to every opportunity, I slowly wore my body out. Because my defenses were down, I fell into the temptation of unhealthy foods and lacking the motivation to workout. On top of that, my mind was constantly running, which affected my ability to get a good night sleep. My body, mind, and soul finally had enough and I finally listened. I realized I didn’t have to live like this; life is so much more than going through the motions and letting cravings, temptations, and society’s pressure of being busy running my life.

Once I realized I had the power within me to change this narrative, my life changed. I started meditating every day, setting boundaries with my sleep schedule, finding foods that nourished my mind throughout the day, and creating a balanced workout routine. Instead of saying yes to every opportunity, I looked at what was most important in my life and made decisions based on my guiding principles. I saw that taking care of myself was something that needed to be on my calendar, no excuses. Through this journey, I’ve learned how to listen to my mind, body, and soul to create a lifestyle that supports my health and wellbeing. I’m more grounded than ever before and feel like I am able to add value to my work and everyone around me in ways I haven’t in the past.

Ready to make self-care non-negotiable in your life too?

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